Cluny Museum

Housed in two historic monuments, the Gallo-Roman thermal baths and the Cluny mansion, the museum enjoys an exceptional location at the heart of Paris. 

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musée de cluny tapisserie

The Parc Saint-Séverin Hotel invites you to discover the medieval world in all its forms, from the exploits of knights in armour to The Lady and the Unicorn tapestry.

The site

A unique archaeological site at the heart of Paris, the Cluny Museum bears witness to the Roman period with its Gallo-Roman thermal baths dating from the first century B.C. and its two rooms, 15 metres high: the caldarium, the warm room, and the frigidarium, the cold room. Close by is another architectural marvel: the 15th century private mansion of the Cluny abbots. Built in Gothic style, this an exceptional residence with its rich, sculpted façades and its courtyardThe chapel and the gardens of the site contribute to its charm, offering visitors who come here calm and green spaces at the very centre of Paris.    

The museum collections

Close by the Parc Saint-Séverin Hotel, the museum retraces, through its works and exhibitions, life and art in the Middle Ages, with sculptures from the major Parisian sites in particular, such as from Notre Dame Cathedral, with the heads of the kings' gallery, paintings, tapestries, like the Legend of Saint Stephen or from medieval aristocratic residences, ceramics, everyday objects and furniture, treasures made by goldsmiths, such as the golden rose, and lastly, an important collection of stained-glass windows, the richest in any French museum. The main treasure of the museum, however, is The Lady and the Unicorn tapestry, an "urban treasure", as it was called by the author Prosper Mérimée. In six parts, this is a wall hanging with exceptional dimensions. The first five tapestries depict the pleasures of the senses, with sight, taste, hearing, touch and the sense of smell. The last piece, named "To my desire alone", shows the lady going beyond worldly pleasures by placing her jewellery in a jewel box. 

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